April 29, 2017


Welcome to Hartfest 2017! Jacob and Jasmine wed in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Thank you so much for looking at our page and wanting to come to our wedding. We can't wait to see ya'll.


A few things we would like you all to know:

There is a ton of information in the tabs! Check them out regularly for updates.

It will be no surprise to you all that our wedding will be a fun, funky, casual affair without a lot of pretense surrounding the event or people. Here are things you can NOT expect to see: 

"Beautiful white dress"

Handsome tuxedos

High heeled torture devices... er I mean shoes.... 

Expensive hoopla and requirements

Church venue

Drippy candles

Rocky and Bullwinkle

People under the age of 21. (Sorry! There are good reasons, many of them consist of the bride having a potty mouth and not being great with kids - Any children whom happen to show up wil be given espresso with four sugars, a bucket of paint, and promises of a Puppy reward if they repaint part of downtown. Bail is on the parents folks.... Because in the words of Jacob's mother: "You know what kind of birds don't fly?" 



Things you can expect to see:

Colorful clothing.

Lack of a cohesive theme of wedding.


Downtown Detroit

The waterfront

Part of Canada

Laughter and Joy

Friends and Family

Trex dancing

Two people whom you care about making a very important commitment their own way.


In addition I wish to state something which may seem obvious to many; but we have some from out of town so here goes.

The wedding is in April in Michigan. This means weather could be anything. Snow and hail, Rain and thunder, 90 degree temps with sunshine. Clouds, Tsnuami, Wind storm, Dust Storm, typhon, or earthquake. - Yes I am serious. (If I means anything to you I am planning a summer style dress that I can wear with tights and a sweater or a coat or without because really anything could happen!) We are also getting married in the heart of the concrete jungle and while we are planning for transportation to get us near the venue, you may have to walk. Wear good comfy shoes. Please. Im not wearing heels. Im not wearing slippery soled shoes, I COULD be in winter boots for pete's sake! Just plan right folks. We wont judge you for what you wear as long as you are comfortable, happy, and clean. (Hobo's excluded from the clean requirement.)

And speaking of weather and Michigan's craziness. You will note that on your invite there is not a wedding TIME. This is not in error. The plan is around 3 PM. However, if we wake up on the 29th and it is supposed to rain til 5, we are just going to wait til 5. If we see the night before that the 29th is clear til 2 PM we may push it to early. I will do my best to text and/or call or reach out from my Jacuzzi tub to let you know everything I know as soon as I know it. (Warning, this may result in random trivia knowledge.)


FRIDAY NIGHT: A Romp. No splitting up the sexes. We are just going to go have a great time. The CONFIRMED AND RESERVED plan is to meet around 6:30 PM at Craft Breww City (yes with two W - 27843 Orchard Lake Road, Farmington Hills, 48334 - 248-488-5555. - They have great food, reasonable prices, good drinks, nice warm atmosphere, and it is within walking distance of the hotel and near our house.

SATURDAY WEDDING: Hart Plaza at 1 Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI 48226. Time to be determined as stated above - But we are shooting for 3 PM. The Party Bus will be picking us up at the hotel at 2 unless we need to make some shifts. No one is driving except our bus guy! I cant emphasize this enough. Downtown Detroit driving is insane at best and parking is worse. Let our guy Sam do the driving. Feel free to tip the man.

SATURDAY POST WEDDING: A Dinner Romp. We have not yet decided the location of dinner. We are tossing about a few ideas but we will let you all know what that plan is well before the date. We promise! Also, board games. Have a favorite? Suggest it or bring it! Again our party bus will transport us all and at the end of the night take us back to the hotel safe and sound.




Jen Small will be marrying us. She is an epic viking of a woman who is energetic and generally awesome. You can locate her on my facebook. She prefers that you pad the codpiece if you hire her. But tell her I sent you and make an offering of coffee and you just may live to experience this cool cat.

Edward Mellema is taking the pictures. If he says stand still look pretty - Do it! He is more talented than I can really express. You can find him through my facebook or by searching Atomic Box Studios. He is not only fair in pricing, but thinks outside of the normal limits with photography and will get you a super unique look.

Nia L Kosiorek is making me gorgeous! She's magical I swear to you. She has style, class, grace, and quirk! My favorite combos! Find her on my facebook too and go see her at work. Throw money at her. Or at least bring a coffee drink.

Michael Koske is doing the design work for our invitations. He is that one person who has been in my life since I was in Elementary School! (Seriously! Ive known the man since I was in 6th Grade.)  I cannot express how honored I am that he is doing this for us and that ONE of his many talents will be present in our special day. If you would like to get in touch with him so that he may create something amazing for you, get in touch with me and I will connect you.